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  • I almost gave up after several failed attempts to find a trainer to meet my 3 must-haves: 1) Diet as well as fitness expertise 2) Training at home 3) Real-time (not monthly or weekly) progress stats. Then I finally found Club FITspiration. For the first time, I'm sticking with it and making the best progress in my life. Glad I found Dolores!

    La Jolla, CA

  • I was getting married in 4 months. I went to my dress fitting and cried. Being overweight my whole life, I wasn't sure what I could accomplish in a short time. I dove into Dolores' program 100% and not only lost 32lbs, but felt gorgeous on my big day. I mean, I got amazing tone! Thanks for making me the bride I dreamed I would be, Club FITspiration!

    Scottsdale, AZ

  •  I'm a former NYC firefighter who has always been in pretty good shape. So I show up to this Meetup workout, and this petite little trainer gives me one of the best workouts I've ever had. She totally kicked my butt while modifying everything for the beginners, too. Sold! I workout on a regular basis to stay fit. Dolores is my trainer and keeps me challenged with every workout.

    New York City, NY