August 02, 2017



It's the beginning of August. YOU HAVE NOT LOST. IT'S PRIMETIME. You are 7 months into the game that you promised yourself you'd play well. Do better by yourself. Stop beating yourself up for what you haven't done... For where you dropped the ball. Your plan -- or lack thereof, for some -- didn't work. Don't punish yourself. You need a new plan -- constructed from your best attributes, not your worst. 

The first 7 months are over. There's nothing you can do about it. But the game is far from over. IT'S PRIMETIME -- What is your comeback strategy based on your best self? 


After yesterday's post, I received a number of messages from those who could identify with finding themselves disappointed with their health and fitness performance so far this year, but with no idea where to even start creating a new comeback plan.

For those of you who asked, I have created a detailed, 10-part series to help turn the second half of your year from defeat to a primetime comeback with a better plan.




Take a full inventory of ALL your body's stats -- Not just the halftime 'score' of your weight. Your 'score' does not give you enough information to tell you which aspects of your game are weak. The more you know about the actual, current state of your body, the more effective your new plan can be, and the quicker you will gain ground on results.
    Ideally, I recommend having a full, Fitness & Body Composition Analysis performed by a health professional. In addition to your weight and measurements, the right pro should be able to determine the following at a low cost or complimentary with their services:
      • Resting Heart Rate, Blood Pressure & Blood Oxygen Level
      • Lean Body Mass, Lean Mass by Body Segment
      • Body Fat Percentage, Visceral Body Fat, Fat Mass by Body Segment
      • BMI, Bone weight, Basal Metabolic Rate & Metabolic Age
      For a serious Fitness Assessment, a good professional should also be able to determine the following:
      • Aerobic Capacity -- VO1, VO2, VOMax
      • Muscular Strength & Muscular Endurance
      • Flexibility & Power
      • Movement Limitations and/or Imbalances

        Again, the above is the IDEAL. And while the best health and fitness professionals will usually make assessments easy and affordable, not everyone can or wants to undergo a professional assessment. 

        If you are taking your own stats, try to include the following in addition to just your weight (These are the stats I request from my Online Training Clients to best coach them):

        • BMI (Body Mass Index) to determine what range of health your body is currently. Here's a BMI calculator for you: BMI
        • Resting Heart Rate as a baseline for your fitness level and heart health. Here's how to take yours if you don't use a heart monitor/FitBit/etc: RESTING HEART RATE 
        • Body Measurements to determine changes in your composition that might not be reflected on the scale. Here's how to best take your measurements:

          • Take Progress Pictures -- not for social media, but for your own consumption. These poses will give you the best overall fitness perspective:
          • Track your Mile Pace -- Running or walking, on the treadmill or through the park trails, time your current mile pace. Not up for performing a complete mile? That's just fine. Time your half mile, quarter mile, or whatever your maximum distance is today. Be sure to note both the distance and pace when recording it. 
          Check in with us for Part 3 of the series to learn the next step to building your Comeback Plan. In the meantime, feel free to contact us at Club FITspiration if we can help. And if you missed it, read Part 1 of the series: Punishment or Primetime to catch up. 
            To your health & happiness,
            Dolores Harrell

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