Nutrition Counseling

    Food: The Cornerstone of Your Optimal Health & Fitness

Food is fuel for the body, and can make or break the state of your body's health and fitness. Unfortunately, it is usually considered optional or secondary in most programs. We offer our Nutrition and Fitness services separately for the personal needs, flexibility, and convenience of our clients, and never approach Nutrition as an add-on service. [see our NUTRITION PROGRAMS here]

Unlike many other fitness organizations, our programs are not created by personal trainers or generic, computer generated from software programs. Club FITspiration Nutrition Prescriptions are designed by certified nutritionists who specialize in everything from metabolic disorders to competitive sports nutrition -- And also work with your personal tastes, too. 

We know you're much more than your height, weight & BMI. We also know there's no point cranking out a basic meal plan filled with foods you'll never eat. That is why we learn important facts about your lifestyle, preferences, and health history first -- To most effectively move clients toward their individual success.

The Club FITspiration Difference

Real Personalization

At Club FITspiration, we take nutrition personally. We provide personalized nutrition prescriptions that meet not only your nutrition needs and goals, but fit into your actual lifestyle. Do you eat lunch out 5 days a week? Does breakfast need to be on the run? Are food budgets tight? Is Friday night Happy Hour a must-do? 

Our certified nutritionists work directly with you to create meals that fuel your body with energy, help you feel satisfied, and fit into your schedule. Unlike most meal plans, we will update your plan weekly -- not monthly -- for maximum personalization and effectiveness.

As you make progress, your plan will adjust accordingly to ensure continued healthy and sustainable success of your goals. It is an ongoing process driven by your personal experience: If you feel hungry, we develop different food options or intake strategies. If something isn't working for you, we replace it with new options. You are in control of your eating habits. 

A Relationship of Challenge-Solving

While success starts with the best nutrition prescription, it is usually decided by our challenges. The way we eat is affected by everything else going on in our lives. Work, stress, school, family, relationships, physical challenges and pain -- all play a roll in what we actually eat every day.

Our certified nutritionists are experienced behavioral change specialists that help by discussing your personal nutrition challenges, encourage you by regularly reflecting on your victories, and help you focus on making incremental improvements to your life habits and choices.

Above and beyond what is typically offered, many Club FITspiration Nutrition Plans include a weekly Nutrition Counseling session. Having one-on-one discussions about the difficult obstacles standing in the way of healthy eating habits and weight loss, can make all the difference in the success for many. Live, over the phone, or via chat -- the personal information you share remains strictly confidential.