Nutrition Programs

We Take Nutrition Personally

If all it took to be healthy and fit was signing up for the perfect diet -- everyone would be in great shape.The reality is, any out-of-the-box diet plan will only work for some of the people, some of the time. Not good odds. Great nutrition requires a detailed understanding of your body and how it changes with your actions. 

We also know there's no point cranking out a basic meal plan filled with foods you'll never eat. We provide personalized nutrition prescriptions that meet not only your nutrition needs and goals, but fit into your actual lifestyle. Do you eat lunch out 5 days a week? Does breakfast need to be on the run? Are food budgets tight? Is Friday night Happy Hour a must-do? 

Unlike many other fitness organizations, our programs are not created by personal trainers or generic, computer generated from software programs. Club FITspiration Nutrition Prescriptions are designed by certified nutritionists who specialize in everything from metabolic disorders to competitive sports nutrition -- And also work with your personal tastes, too. 

We created different Nutrition Counseling Programs for you to choose how in-depth you would like to be coached, and to meet a variety of budgets. We also offer multi-month package discounts to help you stick with it. There are no contracts, no auto-billings, and no set-up fees. Simply choose and sign up for the Nutrition Counseling program that fits your needs best. We'll get back to you with step-by-step instructions the same day. It's that easy. For more information, see the  NUTRITION COUNSELING page.