Online Coaching

Club FITspiration Coaching vs. Online Workouts

There is no shortage of online fitness products today. Every day, people are bombarded with the latest workouts and conflicting information. What promises to be a simpler, more inexpensive way to achieve fitness can quickly become confusing with unimpressive results -- and costly, as people invest in trying multiple products.

We do not sell computer-generated online workout programs, or supplements and nutritional food products for our clients to rely upon. We are certified health coaches who provide solutions through:

  • Custom Fitness Prescriptions: Written specifically for you after we gather a thorough understanding of your goals, lifestyle, current physicality & personality.
  • Clear Answers: We remove all of the fad information and keep it simple by educating you on the real science of fitness and nutrition, so you can learn what will work for your body long-term -- stress-free.
  • Personalized On-Going Attention: Online does not mean anonymous. We want to hear from you and how it's going. We want to know exactly what you need, what frustrations you're encountering, and how things are changing -- It’s our job.
  • Real Coaching: A great coach finds ways to constantly make your performance better. Generic health plans and tips don't cut it. We pour over your workout data and give you active feedback & support to continually improve.
  • Physical Assessments: We don't just mean how much you weigh or the size of your waistline. We measure all of your body response data on a regular basis to determine if you are getting stronger, faster, more agile & flexible -- Your complete fitness health.
  • No "B Team": Online training can be a lot like online dating -- There's lots of misrepresentation about who you're truly communicating with. Our certified coaches are people you can actually talk to on the phone or attend their classes. Plus, every new client Fitness Prescription is designed personally by our Master Health Coach, Dolores Harrell, and clients can always request a response directly from her.
  • Top-of-the-Line Tools: Coaching will only work as well as the information and communication will allow. Club FITspiration provides online clients with the most complete, stream-lined and convenient online training app available. Both you and your coach have real-time access to your program and performance 24/7 from a cell phone or computer.

How it works:

  1. Complete the FITNESS PROFILE form.
  2.  We will review your Fitness Profile and reach back out to you within 24 hrs.

  3. Select a plan and sign up. One month. No contracts. No auto-billing.

  4. Complete a few basic assessments for Dolores to evaluate (general movement, body strength & cardio).
  5.  Log into your new Club FITspiration account to view your workouts, body stats and nutrition (if on our nutrition prescription as well) on your personalized app.

  6.  Check into your workouts, record your stats, etc. as directed by your calendar & step-by-step instructions.

  7. Send as much feedback as you need, ask as many questions as you like. We'll get back to you promptly.

  8. We'll update your workouts AT LEAST weekly, based on your feedback & data, for your optimal progress.
  9.  Receive your comprehensive WEEKLY Progress Report with personalized focuses for improvement.

  10.  Contact us at any time for whatever you need.