Club Perks

Our Clients Work Hard 


REALLY HARD. Improving health & fitness has hosts of challenges, and staying motivated is at the top of the list. We are proud of our members' strides, and know celebration & reward are not only a lot of fun, but essential to ensuring further progress, and equally important to prevent relapses of poor health & fitness.

At Club FITspiration, we're big on CELEBRATION and huge on REWARD. After all, our clients put a lot of sweat into their victories and deserve every bit of recognition we can imagine.

Our Fitness Prescriptions are as tough as you need them to be, and we will hold you accountable. We will also be quick to help you remember your accomplishments. Here's a few examples:


EVERY POUND / EVERY MILE: Think your sweat is for nothing but sore muscles? We disagree. That is why for every pound our clients lose, and every mile ran in our Club FITspiration REMOTE RACES, we donate a dollar to Action for Healthy Kids, a national organization dedicated to the nutrition and fitness of our children across the country. We want all your progress to matter in all the best ways. [MAKING A DIFFERENCE]

FITSPIRATION REWARDS: The more work you put in, the more you should be rewarded, right? We think so. That's why we built FITspiration Rewards where you earn points for, not just your dollars spent, but bunches of good deeds like posting your workouts on FB, and inviting your friends into the Club. Then you can earn discounts as well as cool Club swag and exclusive experiences. ***see FITspiration Rewards tab (bottom right of screen)

FITSPIRATION PENTATHLON/DECATHLON: Club FITspiration takes road racing in a new direction with a monthly series of unique virtual 5K, 10K & Half Marathons. Those who complete 5 or 10 (of the 12) races, not only get cool swag & prizes along the way, but are eligible for the GRAND PRIZE of a weekend getaway! Your trainer wants you to put in the miles anyway -- might as well have fun with it & get rewarded... [REMOTE RACES]