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Registration for CARPE VIAM: Seize the Road - Club FITspiration's next REMOTE RACE - opens 11/01/18.

Don’t miss out - Register early! 

 SIGN UP 11/01/18 


We Put the SWAG in SWAGGER

Club FITspiration REMOTE RACES are not your average virtual races... And neither is the race swag we award. Each participating athlete will receive:

  • Tyvek Racing Bib: Brightly colored 10" x 7" waterproof, tear resistant official racing bib. Baseline reads - "If found on the ground - Drag over finish line" 
  • Deluxe Award Ribbon: Impressive foot-long, 3 streamer satin ribbon with 4" wide pleated top. Wearable (pin function at back) and customized for your race accomplishment (Half Marathon, 10K, or 5K) to let everyone know just how hard you ran.
  • Limited Edition Wine Glass: Tall & elegant 16 oz capacity wine glass, sophisticatedly engraved with: "CARPE VIAM - Seize the Road.The 1st in a series of 12 unique designs, designed to commemorate the upcoming 2018 Club FITspiration race season. Each month, a new and unique wine glass will be revealed and available to those who have entered in celebration of our athletes' victories. Run the races and collect all 12! 
    • NOTE: Kid-friendly, engraved handled mason jar with running cartoon available upon request for Junior participants in lieu of wine glasses -- Just ask!

  • Club Athlete Drawstring Gym Bag: (For Half Marathon Participants only) Versatile, drawstring sports pack in black, gray & orange. 13.5" W x 15.5" H, with front pocket and string loops. Logo reads: "Club FITspiration Athlete"
  • PLUS, Post-race Coaching Call: A Club FITspiration exclusive -- The option of a brief, phone call or email with one of our trainers in the days following your race. A great one-on-one coaching opportunity.

      Wait - Where's my medal and T-shirt?

      We know most are used to collecting a medal and shirt for racing. Our athletes told us they'd rather have a keepsake they'd actually use instead of another t-shirt, so we designed our stunning wine glass series. 

      We also decided the great expense required to die-cast & manufacture medals would be better served in donations to Action for Healthy Kids, applied directly to P.E. equipment for schools without sufficient programs & breakfast for children who cannot afford it.


      Every Mile for Every Kid

      Our greatest commitment is to the health and fitness of all our members -- including our future ones. That is why Club FITspiration donates per every mile our Race Participants run/walk directly to Action for Healthy Kids. The longer the distance of your race, the more we donate... and the bigger the difference we make together.

      Entry Fees

        • $59 - Half Marathon

        • $39 - 10K

        • $29 - 5K


       SIGN UP 11/01/18 

      Race Guidelines

      • Individuals must register for the virtual REMOTE RACE by Dec. 23, 2018 at 11:59 PM PST.
      • Individuals need to complete an accurately measured course between November 1, 2018 and December 24, 2018. Qualifying courses are as follows:
        • GPS documented run/walk - any location
        • Actual race - Running club, school, etc. 
        • Treadmill run/walk
      • REMOTE RACE PACKAGE: Including - Race Bib, Limited Edition Wine Glass, Finisher's Deluxe Award Ribbon (and Club FITspiration Sports Bag for Half Marathon participants) will be mailed out with 2 business days of registration via USPS (shipping included with registration - unless outside of US).
      • WANT TO RUN WITH US? Club FITspiration will be running the Half Marathon, 10K & 5K races LIVE respectively at 7:00am, 7:30am, and 8:00am local Phoenix, AZ time. Log into out app, and feel free to take off running with us, wherever you are!
      Proof of Time
      • NOTE: We encourage all participants to submit their finishing times. However, submitting Proof of Time is only required to qualify for the Top Finishers recognition and prizes (for those with the best times in their distance, etc.) Finishing times will never be posted without your expressed permission. So, go ahead and submit your times - you just might take the lead in your division!
      • Virtual REMOTE RACE proof/results must be sent to by December 24, 2018 at 11:59 PM PST. Sorry -- no exceptions!
      • Each person must send in their own individual results. Group results will not be accepted.
      • If submitting results from an actual race: Submit a copy of your half marathon, 10K, or 5K results by sending in proof of finish, place, time, date, and event name to
      • If submitting results from a GPS documented run/walk of any location: Individuals must send a snapshot of the GPS recorded course and time to Photos from apps like Nike Run, lolo, RunKeeper, etc. or even a photo of your Garmin that shows date, distance and proof of time will be accepted.
      • If submitting results from a Treadmill run/walk: Individuals must send a snapshot of treadmill data that shows distance and proof of time to Racing@ClubFitUSA.comPlease include the date in your snapshot by adding your watch or cell phone in your submitted image.
      Time Limits & Awards
      • There is no official time limit for completing the virtual REMOTE RACE Half Marathon, 10K, or 5K distance. However, the complete distance must be finished by December 24, 2018.
      • Recognition and awards are given for the following:
        • Men's & Women's First Place Overall (All divisions - awarded separately for Men and Women, as well as by event: Half Marathon, 10K & 5K): $100 Gift Card for Club FITspiration Services and/or retail*** and 1st Place Award Certificate.
        • Men's & Women's 2nd Place Overall (All divisions - awarded separately for Men and Women, as well as by event: Half Marathon, 10K & 5K): $75 Gift Card for Club FITspiration Services and/or retail*** and 2nd Place Award Certificate.
        • Men's & Women's 3rd Place Overall (All divisions - awarded separately for Men and Women, as well as by event: Half Marathon, 10K & 5K): $50 Gift Card for Club FITspiration Services and/or retail*** and 3rd Place Award Certificate.
      • ***Club FITspiration Gift Cards awarded as prizes are transferrable, and may be redeemed by someone other than the official winner/recipient with the expressed consent of the winner/recipient.

      Sign Up, Good Luck... and Get Going!

       SIGN UP 11/01/18