The Club FIT Process

Way Beyond Workouts and Meal Plans

If all it took to be healthy and fit was good workouts or diets -- everyone would be in great shape. The reality is, any out-of-the-box workout regimen or diet will only work for some of the people, some of the time. Not good odds. Health and fitness requires a detailed understanding of your body and how it changes once you go to work on it. You also need someone qualified, experienced, and interested in understanding your lifestyle to set you up for success and help you navigate obstacles along the way.

At Club FITspiration, workouts and nutrition plans are only part of the process. Most importantly, we get to know the details of your physical condition and lifestyle, carefully measure and analyze all the data of your progress, and then constantly adjust your plan to ensure your continued success by keeping you appropriately challenged and supported the whole way. That is the difference of our Club Process. 




We know you are much more than your height, weight, and BMI. The better we get to know your physical condition, the more we can customize every detail of your program. 

For Online Coaching - We provide a thorough questionnaire process for both Fitness and Nutrition, separately. Plus, we offer the opportunity for clients to take our Video Movement Screen Assessment, so our coaches can provide the most tailored exercises for your body's current capabilities.

For Live Personal Training - We also use the questionnaire process. Additionally, we conduct a Comprehensive Fitness Appraisal to provide a baseline of your current fitness level, including tests to determine: Resting Heart Rate, Blood Pressure, Blood Oxygen, Body Composition (via BIA)***, Aerobic Capacity, Muscular Strength, Muscular Endurance, Flexibility, and PowerThe results of these tests, along with the development of personal fitness goals, will help us design a safe, effective and individualized fitness program for you.

*** BIA is a method of determining body composition by passing a small electrical current through the body and measuring the impedance or resistance to the current flow. A BIA scale is used to estimate your Weight, Body Fat Percentage, Visceral Body Fat, Body Mass Index, Fat Mass by Body Segment, Fat Free Mass by Body Segment, Basal Metabolic Rate, Metabolic Age, Total Body Water, and Hydration Level. 



Once we review all of your physical information, we examine your lifestyle challenges and advantages. Everyone would like to "eat clean and train perfect" at all times, but each person has their personal pitfalls that keep them from long-term success. 

Together, we agree on how to resolve your pitfalls by replacing them with real, long-term, life-changing healthy habits. We develop a custom, lifestyle habit plan with you, that is progressive and simple for you to gradually implement into your daily life. Our coaches are behavioral change specialists that will help you stay motivated to follow your plan, monitor your progress, and keep you on track until your healthier choices becomes second nature.



Food is fuel for the body, and the cornerstone of great health and fitness. Unfortunately, it is usually considered secondary, with minimal consideration in most programs. While we offer our Nutrition and Fitness services separately for the flexibility and convenience of our clients, we never approach Nutrition as an add-on service to Fitness. We always recommend ensuring your Nutrition is addressed before or in tandem with an exercise regimen. 

Our custom Nutrition Prescriptions are constructed to address your specific needs from the aspects of both your goals, and your physical needs. Unlike many other fitness organizations, our programs are not computer generated from software programs, but designed by certified nutritionists who specialize in everything from metabolic disorders to competitive sports nutrition -- And also work with your personal tastes, too.



Now that we understand your physical condition, what your realistic lifestyle habits will allow, and we know your body is well-fueled, it's time to get you moving.

Exercise is a science, and should be a carefully practiced process of ensuring that you are: 1) Well-challenged to meet your goals in an appropriate amount of time, and 2) Following a safe progression to avoid debilitating over-soreness and/or injury. Our certified master trainers will design a progressive Fitness Prescription for you to find that best-practice point of challenge for your workouts that always keeps you moving forward.



The one thing you can count on when you alter your nutrition and start exercising is that your body will begin to change. Perhaps not in the specific direction you desire, but it will absolutely change. That means no matter how perfect of a plan you started with, your plan will have to change constantly because you are working on yourself.

One of the most distinguishing aspects of our approach, is our relentless practice of gathering data on all of your work -- your nutritional intake and every workout -- and measuring your progress on a regular basis. We then combine all of that knowledge about you on a weekly (not monthly) basis to determine how we should shift your program the next week. This practice rewards you by seeing your progress in a variety of dynamic ways often to keep you motivated, while staving off the dreaded circumstance of "plateauing."



We believe our coaches should work as hard as our clients. And we know how hard our clients work every day. Great coaching requires staying several steps ahead of a client -- particularly when coaching overachievers (we have a lot of those)

It  is our job as your coaches to ensure you are always moving forward. That is why we use your weekly Progress Analysis to determine how to keep challenging you at your optimal level, and to look out for areas that are not improving adequately -- before you have a chance to get overly frustrated. 

Bottom line -- We believe the Coach-Client relationship is a partnership, where both parties are focused on continual improvement, and never waiting for a lack of progress to work on new solutions. The net effects of our commitment to the weekly development of your program are: 1) A program that is always stimulating and providing new levels of accomplishment, and 2) Quicker, more comprehensive results.